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Picture credits

Titel: Watchara Chaikornsakun

Foreword: Ethan Oelman

International: iStock, Deejpilot

Electric buses for climate mitigation in Thailand: Watchara Chaikornsakun

Learning from the Bangkok E-Bus Programme: Watchara Chaikornsakun

Additional renewable energy platform Peru: Amazonas Energía Solar, 2021

Ghana Green Cooling: Stiftung KliK

National biogas programme Senegal: Assane Gueye

Green finance for e-mobility in Dominica: iStock, NAPA74

National: Ivan Stefania, Artify

Positive agricultural energy from manure and slurry: Ivan Stefania, Artify

Biogas facilities are multi-talented!, Portrait: Nikkol Rot

Biogas facilities are multi-talented!: Ivan Stefania, Artify

Harnessing agricultural methane emissions: Ivan Stefania, Artify

Selected programmes in Switzerland, Businesses: Stiftung KliK

Selected programmes in Switzerland, Buildings: Ethan Oelman

Selected programmes in Switzerland, E-Mobility: GreenFox

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27 April 2023